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Top 10 Best Solar Panel Companies in Lebanon.

If you are looking for Solar Panel Manufacturers and Suppliers in Lebanon, you are on the right place.

We here listed the Top 10 Best Solar Panel Manufacturers and Suppliers in Lebanon.

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Address:old road, Mansourieh, Lebanon
Phone: +9614532927
Plus Cde:VH47+Q2 Mansourieh, Lebanon
  • Solid-state solar Panel
  • Thin-film solar Panel (TFSC)
Top 10 Best Solar Panel Manufacturers & Suppliers in Lebanon
SOLARNET has been established in Beirut, LEBANON in June 2002. SOLARNET has the adequate expertise to study, manage, supervise, supply and install “Electromechanical, Energy & Environmental System” for building or industrial applications. With the collaboration of our highly qualified Engineers and Technicians SOLARNET aim to achieve any job requiring high management and technical qualifications, quality and precision. Solarnet is the professional choice in Renewable Energy & Mechanical Works. Solarnet has the expertise to study, manage, supervise, supply and install “Electro-Mechanical, Energy & Environmental System” for building or industrial applications and with the collaboration of our highly qualified Engineers and Technicians, we aim to achieve any job requiring high management and technical qualifications, quality and precision. Solarnet has implemented thousands of projects in the following fields:Solar heating, Photovoltaic, Biomass, HVAC, Plumbing, Fire Fighting and Gas Systems.

2.Salem International Group

Address:Batroun, Lebanon
Phone: +9613133409
Plus Cde:6MG5+PV Batroun, Lebanon
  • Monocrystalline solar Panel (mono-Si)
  • Multi-junction solar Panel (MJ)
  • Nanocrystal solar Panel
  • Organic solar Panel (OPV)
Top 10 Best Solar Panel Manufacturers & Suppliers in Lebanon

SIG Salem International Group is a leading company in clean energy solutions and has already successfully carried out a large number of implementations.The deployed products and technologies meet the highest quality requirements. In addition, the quality of the products is confirmed with a number of certificates. Our projects are carried out by top specialists in the field of solar renewable energy construction optimization, implementation and maintenance. We offer exceptional guarantees to our investors (manufacturing defects guarantees from 5 years to 30 years).

3.E24 Energy Solutions

Address:Dekwaneh Beirut, 0000, Lebanon
Phone: +9611480030
Plus Cde:VGHV+QH Dekwaneh, Lebanon



E24 is the result of 30 years’ experience in the field of energy generation and conversion technology. Through extensive research & development, we have designed pioneer solutions that secure 24/7 uninterrupted clean electricity for a variety of applications.At E24, our mission is to develop innovative & affordable  energy solutions to enhance quality of life and preserve  our planet. Our vision is to drive the global  energy transition towards sustainability with the most  reliable, cost-effective and sustainable solutions.E24 offers a comprehensive range of turnkey energy storage and generation solutions easily integrated with any power source (solar, wind, utility, generator). Whether for residential, commercial, industrial or governmental applications, we tailor-design our solutions to meet your needs.Operating in a fast-paced industry, E24 continuously invests in R&D to ensure that we remain at the forefront of renewable technology.

4.Tech Group

Address:Khaldeh Highway – Al Raed Bldg 3rd Floor, Same Bldg Chamsine Bakeries, Beirut, Lebanon, Lebanon
Phone: +9615813619
Plus Cde:QFC9+RV Haret Chbib, Lebanon
  • Solid-state solar Panel
  • Thin-film solar Panel (TFSC)
Top 10 Best Solar Panel Manufacturers & Suppliers in Lebanon

Tech Group IS A LEBANESE COMPANY Specializing in the supply of integrated water treatment solutions and solar panels. Founded by a seasoned professional who enjoys more than 15 years of industry experience, AQUATUNE commits to providing premium quality services and products to its corporate and residential clients across the Lebanese territory.


Address:Howeir، Houmal, Lebanon
Phone: +96170288688
Plus Cde:RH67+2W Houmal, Lebanon
  • CertainTeed
  • Lumos Solar
  • Tesla First Solar
  • Hanwha
  • Jinko Solar
  • LG Solar
Top 10 Best Solar Panel Manufacturers & Suppliers in Lebanon
Established in 2002, Dawtec first specialized in solar water heaters. The startup was equipped with sheer determination, high motivation, and a big dream to introduce to the Lebanese market renewable energy products and promote environmental awareness in the community.From this position we were early to recognize the opportunity to develop new products and present new products and services to meet specific market needs.”Installed the solar pergola system in 2008 to heat up the pool and domestic water for the Private Cub. Three years later, we extended the system to cover the hot water needs of the Cosmopolitan Hotel. The team is professional and always ready to support us clients. The solar pergola is such a great solution.”


6.ASACO General Trade and Contracting

Address:Pearl Bldg. 8th Flr., Adlieh Beirut، Lebanon
Phone: +9611423286
Plus Cde:VGHC+RW Beirut, Lebanon
  • Administration Department.
  • Trading Department,
  • The Contracting and consultation department
  • The Industrial department.

Top 10 Best Solar Panel Manufacturers & Suppliers in Lebanon

Asaco is the Leader Company in the field of Renewable Energy & was the First to Supply & Commission projects in Lebanon related to this field.In addition to Supply & Commissioning Asaco offers studies & designs systems used in Renewable Energy with the best efficient energy measures per project as well as in usual Electrification Projects.Consultation is also very active in this department, which is responsible for the design and studies in the field of lighting and renewable energy system. This section is also responsible to set guidance and do proper supervision for subcontractors that are allocated by the company for certain projects and assignments.This department also provides contracting services for projects that adopt the company’s products, such as projects of X-mass decorative street lighting, Fiber Optics design, decoration, General Lighting & Electrification.

7.Makram Barakat est.

Address:Beirut, Lebanon
Phone: +96170681861
Plus Cde:WG44+6Q Beirut, Lebanon
  • Suntech Power Solar Panels
  • Sunpower Solar Panels
  • SolarWorld Solar Panels
  • Jinko Solar Panels
  • ZN Shine Solar Panels
Top 10 Best Solar Panel Manufacturers & Suppliers in Lebanon

Makram Barakat est manufactures solar panels in San Antonio, Texas. Founded in 2013, the company has grown to meet the demands of both residential and commercial customers. OCI Company, which is based in Lebanon, is the parent company of Mission Solar. The company specializes in p-type monocrystalline PERC solar panels. These products offer high performance and are certified to standard regulations for reliability. The business does not offer inverters or battery storage products. Mission Solar is an up and coming Lebanon. solar manufacturing company with a promising future. To date, the company has made a positive impact in the San Antonio area through robust job creation and business opportunities. The MSE330SR8K is the best solar panel from Mission Solar due to reliable construction and high power output. This panel features an all-black design, helping it blend in with modern homes.


Address:Jdeideh, Lebanon
Phone: +96179123431
Plus Cde:VHV5+5Q Jdeideh, Lebanon
  • LG Solar Panels
  • Panasonic Solar Panels
  • Trina Solar Panels
  • Yingli Solar Panels
  • Renesola Solar Panels
  • Hanwha Solar Panels
  • Q-CELLS Solar Panels
Top 10 Best Solar Panel Manufacturers & Suppliers in Lebanon
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9.ME Green (Middle East Green Energy sal)

Address:Byblos, Lebanon
Phone: +96170183444
Plus Cde:4MC3+98 Byblos, Lebanon
  • Photovoltaic
  • Wind Turbines
  • Thermal
  • Smart Streetlights

ME Green was established in 2010 in an effort to develop the renewable energy sector in the Middle East, Europe and Africa.It constantly provides sustainable solutions to the energy sector’s challenges, all the while helping to preserve the environment.Our mission is to reduce carbon emissions and spur economic growth by creating reliable and affordable clean energy solutions. Delivering efficient and sustainable renewable energy projects including intelligent energy storage inspires us constantly on our path towards a clean energy future.We also work towards ensuring an attractive return on investment  for our clients and strategic partners.


Address:33°54’11.2″N 35°34’37.5″E، Beirut, Lebanon
Phone: +9614721235
Plus Cde:WH3G+6R Beirut, Lebanon
  • Talesun and more
  • Amorphous Silicon solar Panel (a-Si)
  • Biohybrid solar Panel
  • Cadmium telluride solar Panel (CdTe)
  • Concentrated PV Panel (CVP and HCVP)

Across Lebanon, Zmerly & co works with all kind of projects of every size, from private Villas to towers, to commercial buildings and big projects. ​​By combining vast knowledge and considerable expertise in the field, our team provides invaluable commercial insight and technical ability. Our approach is always hands-on and collaborative.Regional expansion in the field of Central Heating and Solar Energy and develop a strong base of key customers.Increase the assets and investments of the company to support the development of services.To build good reputation in the field of Central Heating and Solar Energy and become a key player in the industry.​

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